Questy Broken Isles #3


Implementacja dźwięku w dialogach (od teraz nie będzie pojawiał się sam tekst podczas rozmowy z NPC, lecz również dźwięk rozmowy)

Lockacja Thorim's Peak (Stormheim):

[Quest] Fury of the Storm
[Quest] Where Dragons Rule
[World Quest] The Drekirjar Return
[Quest] Cry Thunder!

Lokacja Valdisdall (Stormheim):

[Quest] The Trials Continue
[Quest] The Valarjar
[Quest] Speaking of Bones
[Quest] To Haustvald

Lokacja The Runewood (Stormheim):

[Quest] The Runewood's Revenge
[Quest] Turn the Keys
[Quest] Lay Them to Rest
[Quest] The Dreaming Fungus
[Quest] Bjornharta
[Quest] Judgment Day

Lokacja Haustvald (Stormheim):

[Quest] Breaking the Bonespeakers
[Quest] Regal Remains
[Quest] The Runes that Bind
[Quest] Waking the Shieldmaiden
[Quest] The Final Judgment

Lokacja Helheim (Stormheim):

[Quest] An Unworthy Task
[Quest] A Little Kelp From My Foes 
[Quest] Accessories of the Cursed
[Quest] Stealth by Seaweed
[Quest] A Desperate Bargain
[Quest] The Eternal Nemesis
[Quest] Allies in Death
[Quest] To Light the Way
[NPC] Bloodbeard
[Quest] Sundered
[Quest] Victory is Eternal
[NPC] Geir
[Quest] Paid in Lifeblood

Lokacja Blackbeak Overlook (Stormheim):

[Quest] The Lost Legion
[Quest] Supplies From the Skies
[Quest] Pins and Needles

Lokacja Moonclaw Cavern (Val'sharah):

[Quest] The Corruptor
[Quest] The Nightmare Lord
[Quest] Return to the Grove
[Quest] Malfurion's Fury
[Quest] The Emerald Queen

Lokacja Lorlathill (Val'sharah):

[Quest] Nature's Call
[Quest] To Old Friends
[Quest] One Dead Plant is One Too Many
[Quest] The Last Straw
[Quest] Cenarius, Keeper of the Grove

Lokacja Thas'talah (Val'sharah):

[Quest] Archdruid of Lore
[Quest] One Dead Plant is One Too Many
[Quest] Solid as a Rock
[Quest] Death to the Witchmother
[Bonus Objective] Watched Sisters
[Quest] Death of the Witchmother

Lokacja Andu'talah (Val'sharah):

[Quest] The Demon's Trail
[Quest] Love Lost

Lokacja Dreadroot (Val'sharah):

[Quest] Heart of the Nightmare
[Quest] Dark Side of the Moon
[Quest] Wormtalon Wreckage
[Quest] Heart of the Nightmare
[Quest] Softening the Target
[SPELL] Terrorfiend Discharge
[Quest] Flow of the Nightmare

Lokacja Bradensbrook (Val'sharah):

[Quest] Children of the Night
[Quest] The Farmsteads
[Quest] Jarod's Mission
[Quest] Kur'talos Ravencrest
[Quest] Maiev's Trail
[Quest] For the Corn!
[Quest] A Sight For Sore Eyes
[Quest] Illidari Freedom
[Quest] Lieutenant of the Tower

Lokacja Lightsong (Val'sharah):

[Quest] Dreamcatcher
[Quest] Emerald Sisters
[Quest] Where the Wildkin Are
[Quest] Moon Reaver