Questy Broken Isles #2

Lokacja The Nesingwary's Retreat (Highmountain):

  • [Quest] Scout It Out
  • [Quest] Moose on the Loose
  • [Quest] Lion Stalkin'
  • [Quest] Moose Shootin'
  • [Quest] Procuring a Prototype
  • [Quest] Bear Huntin'
  • [Quest] That Guy in the Costume

Lokacja Shipwreck Cove (Highmountain):

  • [Quest] Murlocs: The Next Generation
  • [Quest] Slime Time
  • [Quest] I'll Huff, I'll Puff...
  • [Quest] Nature vs. Nurture
  • [Quest] Procuring a Prototype

Lokacja Icepine Ponit (Highmountain):

  • [Quest] Critter Scatter Shot
  • [Quest] Wolf Pack Attack
  • [Quest] Rating Razik

Lokacja Nesingwary's Retreat (Highmountain):

  • [Quest] Amateur Hour
  • [Quest] Note-Eating Goats
  • [Quest] A Hunter at Heart

Lokacja Sepulcher of the Sky (Highmountain):

  • [Quest] Wax On, Wax Off
  • [Quest] Candle to the Grave
  • [Quest] The Gates of Wax
  • [Quest] Candle of Command
  • [Quest] Burn the Candle at Both Ends
  • [Quest] Can't Hold a Candle To You

Lokacja Sunfrost Glade (Highmountain):

  • [World Quest] Munitions Testing

Lokacja Felbane Camp (Highmountain):

  • [Quest] They Have A Pitlord
  • [Quest] Snowfeather Swarm!

Lokacja Weeping Bluffs (Stormheim):

  • [Quest] See Ya Later, Oscillator
  • [Quest] Assault and Battery
  • [Quest] The Ancient Trials

Lokacja Aggramar's Valut (Stormheim):

  • [Quest] Havi's Test
  • [Quest] Ahead of the Game
  • [Quest] The Shattered Watcher
  • [Quest] A Trial of Valor 
  • [Quest] Will of the Thorignir
  • [Quest] A Trial of Will
  • [Quest] A Trial of Might

Lokacja Talonrest (Stormheim):

  • [Quest] Eating Into Our Business
  • [Quest] A Stone Cold Gamble
  • [Quest] A Stack of Racks
  • [Quest] Rigging the Wager
  • [Quest] Put It All on Red
  • [Achievement] What a Ripoff!
  • [Quest] Only the Finest
  • [Quest] Will of the Thorignir

Lokacja Valdisdall (Stormheim):

  • [Quest] To Catch a Banshee
  • [Quest] Knocking on Valor's Door

Lokacja Felskorn Warcamp (Stormheim):

  • [Quest] A Familiar Fate
  • [Quest] Break the Spine
  • [Quest] Stem the Tide

Lokacja Gates of Valor (Stormheim):

  • [Quest] Stormheim's Salvation
  • [NPC] God-King Skovald

Lokacja Greywatch (Stormheim):

  • [Quest] Whispers from the Dark
  • [Quest] Combustible Contagion
  • [Quest] Cut Out the Heart
  • [Quest] To Skold-Ashil

Lokacja Skold-Ashil (Stormheim):

  • [Quest] Stories of Battle
  • [Quest] Shielded Secrets
  • [Bonus Objective] Assault on Skold-Ashil
  • [Quest] Becoming the Ascendant
  • [Quest] Ending the New Beginning

Lokacja Hrydshal (Stormheim):

  • [Quest] Another Way
  • [Quest] Above the Winter Moonlight