Questy Broken Isles #1

Lokacja Tel'anor (Suramar):

  • [Quest] Something in the Water
  • [Quest] Turtle Powered
  • [Quest] Purge the Unclean
  • [Quest] The Lost Advisor
  • [Quest] An Ancient Recipe
  • [Quest] Bad Intentions
  • [NPC] Azurefall Guardian

Lokacja Shal'Aran (Suramar):

  • [Quest] Friends With Benefits

Lokacja Ambervale (Suramar):

  • [Quest] Scattered Memories
  • [Quest] Written in Stone
  • [NPC] Arcanist Kel'danath
  • [Quest] Subject 16

Lokacja Whitrewater Wash (Highmountain):

  • [World Quest] Return to the River
  • [NPC] Whitewater Carp
  • [Bonus Objective] Defend the Riverlands
  • [NPC] Rivermane Tauren
  • [Quest] Moozy's Sojourn
  • [Quest] Fish Out of Water
  • [Quest] Spray and Prey

Lokacja Lifespring Cavern (Highmountain):

  • [NPC] Gelmogg
  • [Quest] Lifespring Cavern
  • [Quest] Balance of Elements
  • [Quest] Crystal Fury
  • [Quest] Invading Spelunkers
  • [Quest] High Water

Lokacja Riverbend (Highmountain):

  • [Quest] The Underking Comes

Lokacja Thunder Totem (Highmountain):

  • [Quest] The Path of Huln
  • [Bonus Objectives] Echoes of Deathwing
  • [Quest] A Walk With the Spirits
  • [Quest] Ceremonial Drums
  • [Quest] Mountainstrider Round-Up
  • [Quest] Surveying Student
  • [Quest] The Skies of Highmountain

Lokacja Nelrtharion's Vault (Highmountain):

  • [Quest] In Defiance of Deathwing
  • [NPC] Spiritwalker Ebonhorn
  • [NPC] Rebel Drogbar
  • [NPC] Vision of Deathwing
  • [Quest] Titanic Showdown
  • [NPC] Obsidian Reclaimer
  • [QUEST] An Ancient Secret
  • [Quest] The Backdoor

Lokacja Skyhorn (Highmountain):

  • [Quest] Nursing the Wounds
  • [Bonus Objectives] Siege of Crawlic
  • [Quest] Rocs vs Eagles

Lokacja The Haglands (Highmountain):

  • [Quest] Assaulting the Haglands
  • [Quest] The Witchqueen 
  • [Quest] The Three
  • [Quest] The Skies of Highmountain