• Website changes

    It's time to refresh the website little bit. From now, here You can read the most important news. Also we decide to publish full Changelog on the website HERE. We plan to open a test server in the near future. Really count on Your support. Wait for further information soon.
    For the fastest answers join to the Discord server HERE.

  • Did You know that...

    ...all has been started from Warlords of Draenor? We started with Blackhand on Warlords of Draenor.
    In august '16 we decided to update server to 7.x patch.

About Us

Server Status

Uptime: 5.82 days

Realm Info::

Rate drop item: x1
Rate za Kill: x10
Rate za Quest: x8
Rate Explore: x3
Rate Quest money: x3
Rate Honor: x1
Rate Repo: x2
Patch: 7.2.5







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What is The Blackhand?

Blackhand.pl is a project, which was created in June 2015. In July '15 we were opened ALPHA tests and it lasted a few weeks. The server form December 18, 2015 was in open beta. In August '16 we decided to change expansion to the newest Legion.

Our Priorities

First of all, we focus on properly working spells, instances and quests. The priority for us are bugs submitted by you in the BugTracker. We are currently working on the WoD and Legion content, but we won't forget about the older expansions and we'll not igonre reported bugs from >WoD expansions.

Why Legion?

To be honest, there is no good Legion server in the World. We are ambitious and we believe that able to cope with any challenges.

Communication - Discord

Direct contact with the administration and other Players is available via instant messenger Discord. This is a simple program allows you to communicate vocally and lyrically (a combination of IRC and Teamspeak). You can use it through the program, mobile application, or even directly in your browser. You don't need to have an account to use it.

Our mission!

Our goal is to create the best possible working server Legion in the world! We plan in the future to reduce rates to x1. We are trying to make our work as professional as it possible and players could experience the free entertainment of World of Warcraft.


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Here you can write an email directly to the administrator of Blackhand.pl. However, the fastest way to contact is Discord.